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Posted by on Feb 11, 2011 in handheld and phones, handhelds and phones, tech news, Windows 7 Phone | 0 comments

Nokia And Microsoft Form Partnership

Nokia the world’s largest mobile phone manufacture and Microsoft form a strategic partnership in London today. Nokia a Finnish company will eliminate Symbian and MeeGo Operating Systems (OS) and will use Microsoft’s OS for future smartphones.

MS Bing will power Nokia’s search and Nokia Maps will be the core of Microsoft mapping.

To view the open letter from Nokia CEO Stephen Elop and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Click Here.

“lookinsyde” Nokia and Microsoft Press Conference in the video below.

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Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in handheld and phones, handhelds and phones, tech news, Windows 7 Phone | 0 comments

UPDATE – Windows Phone 7 Launch Party “Live”

Update –  Steve Ballmer (CEO-MS) took the stage at 9:40 EST, he introduced 9 Windows Phone 7 devices (Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung). Ballmer said that “there will be 60 different operators around the world offering these phones in 30 countries.”  3 of the devices will be available on AT&T network, they will retail for $199.99 in the US.  The Samsung Focus will debute Nov. 8 and the other 2 will follow a couple weeks later.  The 3 devices debuting in November are:

  1. LG Quantum will have a full QUERTY keyboard.
  2. HTC Surround – 16GB Storage, 5MP Camera  and 2 Dolby Surround Sound Speakers
  3. Samsung Focus  –  Super AMOLED Screen, 8GB Storage and Snapdragon CPU

Windows Phone 7 Partners:  AT&T Uverse, Xbox 360 and EA sports are all offering new apps and games exclusively for Windows Phone 7.

Ballmer closed by saying that the Copy & Paste feature will be available in early 2011 and everyone who buys the phone will get the update.

Click Here for Windows Phone 7 Demo.

Microsoft & AT&T will make an announcement in New York City at 9:30 a.m. EST today.  Click Here to view the “Live” event.

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