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Posted by on Jan 11, 2013 in apple, CES 2013, iOS 5 | 0 comments

CES 2013 Day 2, Pebble Watch, Scanadu Scout

The E-Paper Pebble Smart Watch. The Pebble Watch is Kickstart funded project. The goal was to raise $100,00 but 68,000 people invested for a total of $10 million.  The Pebble is available retail for $150.00 in Black, Gray, Orange, Red and White. To Order Click Here.

Pebble can help with vibrating notifications, messages and alerts. Dismiss a notification with a shake of your wrist. Don’t worry, it’s easy to disable all notifications.

  • Incoming Caller ID
  • Email (Gmail or any IMAP email account)
  • SMS on both Android and iPhones
  • iMessage (iOS only)
  • Calendar Alerts
  • Facebook Messages
  • Twitter
  • Weather Alerts
  • Silent vibrating alarm and timer


The Medical Device Scanadu Scout is billed as the fictional “Star Trek” medical tricorder come to life. The Scandu Scout reads biometric stats: Blood Flow, Blood Oxygen Level, ECG, Temperature, and Heart Rate.  The Scanadu Scout will retail for $150.

Take a “lookinsyde” of the Scanadu Scout in the video below:


Keep your family safe with iSmart Alarm an Intelligent Home Security System.



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Posted by on Nov 30, 2011 in apple, iOS 5, tech news | 0 comments

Apple Removes iTether

Apple pulls the 2nd app on iTunes in a week. Apple pulled the game subscription Play Instantly app on the 24th, today it pulled iTether.

The iTether app went live on Monday for $14.99 on iTune.  The iTether app was removed from iTunes. Tether the app creator said that they received a call from Apple and was told that the app placed too much of a burden on the service provider network and that the app would be pulled. To more from Tether blog Click Here.

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Posted by on Oct 12, 2011 in apple, handheld and phones, handhelds and phones, iOS 5, iPad, iPad 2, iPhone, operating systems, software, tech news | 0 comments

iOS 5 Error 3200 Crash Apple Server

iPhone and iPad users are having problems downloading iOS 5. The error occurs during the install when a request for authorization fails from Apple’s server.  Apple states that the error is occurring from massive downloads.

The iPhone and iPad will not work work with  an unsuccessful download.

Users are also having an issue accessing iCloud.

Only half of the Apple servers are accepting users request.  Users who are successful in downloading are reporting that the download take about 15 minutes.  After the download a backup is performed, users are reporting longer than usual to complete with some reports of 3 hours.

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