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Posted by on Oct 22, 2009 in microsoft, windows 7 | 0 comments

Windows 7 Is Available


According to Steve Ballmer MS Chief Exe, Win 7 is crucial to revive the company image as the world’s most important software company.  Consumers were disappointed with Vista and they are trying to get them back.  He also said that Corporations budgets are tight now, so the adaptation will be slow to update to Win 7.   Ballmer also said that MS will buy 10  – 20 small companies like they did last year.  During his Bloomberg interview, he was asked if they would buy RIM/Blackberry?  He said, “we are not entertaining it, but we never rule it out.” Do you think they will buy RIM?


Oct. 22 has finally arrived, the wait is over, MS Windows 7 is here.  

Do you want Win7, do you want to upgrade your present system, do you want to buy a new system?  Win 7 brings ?s.

If you want to upgrade from Vista – Click Here

If you purchased a new PC with Vista or Vista Software after June 26, you are entitled to a copy of  Win 7 – Click Here

To buy full version or upgrade – Click Here

Lookinsyde will have more updates on Win7 later today.