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Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 in T-Mobie, tech news | 0 comments

T-Mobile New Contract-Free Pricing

T-Mobile New Contract-Free Pricing

It is reported that T-Mobile is to introduce a new rate plan. A single line will cost $50 for unlimited talk, text and and 500MB of web plus $20 for unlimited data will cost $70 a month.  If you don’t want to select the $20 unlimited data plan, just use as much data as you like and T-Mobile will bill you $10 for each 2GB used, you can go up to 12GB of data per line on every postpaid account.  You do not have to call or select a a plan, T-Mobile will adjust your bill per usage.

The Family plan will cost $80 for 2 lines for unlimited talk, text and 500MB of web data included.  Each additional line will cost $10 per month and will also include 500 MB of data, unlimited talk and text.  Additional data will be $10 for 2GB or $20 for unlimited data. The same data rates then apply for each line: $10 per additional 2GB per line and $20 for unlimited data per line.

* Postpaid Unlimited data feature can add one of the SMHS add-ons; (capped once allotment reached); 500MB $0.25GB, $10 and 4.5GB $20.

Every rate plan with unlimited data includes Smartphone Mobile HotSpot, with postpaid offering lower out-of-pocket costs using the equipment installment plan. No more overages, no more surprise bills, no more activations fees and one single rate plan for the carrier. As for Mobile BroadBand, with a voice plan it’s $10 and for standalone pricing it’s $20 per month. Each MBB plan includes 500MB of data, with each additional 2GB of data costing an additional $10 up to 12 total GB. So, a standalone customer using T-Mobile’s MBB plan with 6GB of data will pay $20 + $30 ($10 per 2GB) for a total of $50.