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Apple To Announce Music Streaming Service at WWDC15

Posted by on Jun 8, 2015 in apple | 0 comments

wwdc15 2015Sunday, Doug Morris Sony Music CEO announced, Apple will launch its new music streaming service today at Apple World Wide Developers Conference.

WWDA Keynote will begin today at 1pm ET. You can watch WWDA live stream today on your apple devices.

Apple will also cover the following at WWDC15 today, iOS 9, Apple Music, and Apple TV.


Google Granted Patent For Contact Lenses

Posted by on Mar 26, 2015 in Google | 0 comments

Google was granted a Patent to Manufacture Contact Lenses with an embedded chip to monitor blood glucose level in diabetics tears. In earlier findings, it was reported that Google was working with pharmaceutical company Novartis to create the contact lens.

The official announcement was reported in January 2014, that Google was developing smart contact lenses. The contact lens would measure the glucose levels in diabetics’ tears. The lenses would help eliminate the way that diabetics monitor their glucose level. Diabetics currently have to stick themselves with a small pin pricks, to obtain blood to put on a test strip, and then enter into an electric reader to get their glucose readings.

What is Superfish? How To Remove and Uninstall?

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Hackers, Lenovo | 0 comments

Superfish is a pre-installed adware that Lenovo installed on laptop computers over the past two years. Superfish (Superfish Visual Discovery) is a security flaw that
could reveal users shopping, credit card information, personal data, email, and other
online activity. Superfish image algorithm might not be the security risk. The
software that Superfish used from other companies can eavesdrop when internet users
visit secure or encrypted websites. The software replaces the encrypted code on
websites with its own. Homeland Security issued an alert that Lenovo customers
should remove Superfish due to hacking dangers.

Microsoft Windows Defender has removed Superfish certificate entirely in hopes to
prevent Superfish from running on Windows. Although this is not a guarantee it
will help those who were not aware of Superfish or how to remove it. Hopefully
Firefox will follow suit because the certificate is still in place on Firefox.

last passClick LastPass to access the LastPass tool to see if you have Superfish installed on your computer. The LastPass website will tell you if your computer is Safe or Affected. If your computer is Affected you will be provided instructions on how to remove and uninstall.

Lenovo released the following statement: “In reality, we had customer complaints about the software. We acted swiftly and decisively once these concerns began to be raised. We apologize for causing any concern to any users for any reason.

Lenovo also stated “To be clear: Lenovo never installed this software on any ThinkPad notebooks, nor any desktops, tablets, smartphones or servers.

Lenovo also stated that Superfish may have appeared on these models:
G Series: G410, G510, G710, G40-70, G50-70, G40-30, G50-30, G40-45, G50-45, G40-80
U Series: U330P, U430P, U330Touch, U430Touch, U530Touch
Y Series: Y430P, Y40-70, Y50-70, Y40-80, Y70-70
Z Series: Z40-75, Z50-75, Z40-70, Z50-70, Z70-80
S Series: S310, S410, S40-70, S415, S415Touch, S435, S20-30, S20-30Touch
Flex Series: Flex2 14D, Flex2 15D, Flex2 14, Flex2 15, Flex2 Pro, Flex 10
MIIX Series: MIIX2-8, MIIX2-10, MIIX2-11, MIIX 3 1030
YOGA Series: YOGA2Pro-13, YOGA2-13, YOGA2-11, YOGA3 Pro
E Series: E10-30

Click Here for Lenovo instructions to uninstall Superfish.

Click Here for Lenovo entire statement

BlackBerry Passport In AT&T Stores Feb 20

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in 4G LTE, AT&T, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10.3.1, BlackBerry Passport, tech news | 0 comments

The BlackBerry Passport will be exclusive to AT&T with a slight redesign. The AT&T Passport will have smoother curves rather than the sharper corners that is on the unlocked BlackBerry Passport. The Passport dimension is 4.5″, 1440 x 1440 Display, Quad-Core Snapdragon 801 Processor, 3GB of RAM, 13-Megapixel Rear Camera, Full HD square touch screen and a Touch-enabled QWERTY keyboard, built on BlackBerry’s secure BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 operating system, and runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE Network.

The BlackBerry Passport will start for $0 down on an AT&T Next Plan, the Next Plans will start at $21.67 per month. You will also be able to purchase the Passport for $199.99 with a two-year agreement or at no annual commitment for $649.99.

Take a “lookinsyde” of The BlackBerry Passport in the video below:

BlackBerry Classic In AT&T Stores on Feb 20

Posted by on Feb 16, 2015 in 4G LTE, AT&T, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10.3.1, BlackBerry Classic, tech news | 0 comments

The wait if almost over, AT&T announced today that the BlackBerry Classic will be available in AT&T stores on February 20.

The BlackBerry Classic dimension is 3.5″, 720 x 720 Display, Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 Processor, 2GB of RAM, 8-Megapixel Rear Camera, an iconic Full QWERTY Keyboard, Trackpad, and navigation keys, making it easy to communicate quickly and accurately with one hand. The Classic is built on the secure BlackBerry 10 OS 10.3.1 operating system, offering customers access to commanding features including BlackBerry Blend and BlackBerry Assistant. BlackBerry Classic will run on AT&T’s 4G LTE Network.

The BlackBerry Classic will start at $0 down on AT&T Next Plan, plans will start on AT&T Next plan at $14 per month. You will also be able to purchase The Classic for $49.99 with a two-year agreement or at no annual commitment for $419.99.

Take a “lookinsyde of BlackBerry Classic in the video below: