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Posted by on Jan 10, 2012 in BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM | 0 comments

QNX Cloud Porsche Carrera Concept Car

The QNX Cloud-Connected  Porsche Carrera Concept Car debutes at CES 2012.  It highlights smartphone integration, one-touch bluetooth paring, rear seat tablet entertainment, HD hands free communication.

QNX Software Systems is a global leader in software platforms for in car telematics and infotainment market. RIM/BlackBerry acquired QNX in April 2010.

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Posted by on Oct 5, 2009 in apple, handhelds and phones, tech news | 0 comments

Vonage VoIP Mobile for the BlackBerry

This app would have saved me $$$ while I was out of the country.  I’m downloading this as I post.

Vonage allows you to dial from your contact list.  This app knows when you making an international call, it automatically routes your call throught their low cost network.  You pay their low international rates and use your local cellphone minutes.  

According to Vonage, the Blackberry version of the application will only work via 3G networks, on any carrier. The iPhone version of the application allow calls over Wi-Fi and AT&T’s cellular network.  You’ll have to dial into a local access number and customers will be charged AT&T minutes.  The app will support Vonage World customers by the end of the year.

To Download Vonage & Review the rate plan Click Here

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